Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Dip Dye Heaven!

I do love a bit of dip dye! The idea behind my project is to bring a new life to old boring clothes, so I filled my bag with bargains from charity shops and got to work. I dip dyed the top half of the mint green blouse pink, added new button holes and buttons and also studded the collar with stars. The shorts were such a good find, as they are high waisted which has been an on going trend for the last couple of years. I screen printed the shorts with crosses and then used silver foil over the top to give them a metallic look.
Just a quick close up of the collar! Thanks for looking :)

Stars And Stripes

 Finally another blog post!! I've been really busy with college but now my other two outfits are complete I thought, I'd have a blogging session :). The skirt was mid length when I bought it from a charity shop (for £1), I gave it a dip hem as the asymmetric look is a big trend right now. The shirt was also from a charity shop; I wanted to get the 'American flag style' into the top some how but still wanted it to fit in with my other garments, so I used foil to add stars and one large stripe. I also removed the sleeves and a decorative pocket, added new buttons and used beading on the collar. Here's some more pictures...