Thursday, 8 March 2012

Make do and mend

 For my final project at college I'm looking at recycling old clothes and materials and giving them a new life. Here are two of my creations; I have added a new collar, beading, foiling and black buttons to the shirt. The skirt is made from an old silk scarf and some black material - I then added gold beads in the shape of crosses to the front.
 This image shows the silk scarf, originally this was going to be the front.
 The collar is made from some napkins I picked up in a charity shop, I cut them up and dyed them black before sewing them to the shirt.
 I cheated and used fabric glue to attach these beads, I decided I would get way too frustrated sewing each one on by hand!!
 However, I did sew each of these beads on one by one, all 222 of them.
Thanks for looking people, I really appreciate it :)

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