Monday, 20 August 2012

The Tableau Project (September 2011)

At the start of my art and design Foundation Degree we had to do a 'Tableau Project' where we had to recreate Gin Lane by William Hogarth; it had to be life size and we had to be part of it, here are some pictures:

Here is the original painting by William Hogarth

This is a picture of the stairs Gabby and I made before we painted them

Gabby on the left and me on the right; adding the finishing touches to our staircase and wall

A picture of the almost completed set design

Here is a picture of the finished set before we all took our places

All in our places

Unfortunately I can't find the final photo that was taken, but hopefully you can get an idea of the scale of the project just by these few photos. Designing the set and making props for it was so much fun and it turned out really well.

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